About Heartfully Held



Heartfully Held, LLC, exists to support clients in their healing and growth, with compassion for their life experiences and choices, so they can shine and thrive.  It supports the powerful process of transformation and brings the body in as the primary tool of that process.  By using private yoga instruction, meditation and yoga therapy, clients can transform limiting beliefs.

Heartfully Held, LLC, fosters my continued self-growth and expression of who I am.  It allows me to do work that brings me joy which adds to my personal relationships.  It gives me the ability to invest in and connect with my community.  And at the end of the day, I go to bed with a full heart.


I believe we can offer ourselves the same love and compassion we offer our family and friends, but it takes practice and is an ongoing journey.  I chose the name Heartfully Held to honor that sentiment.  When we come to our mat again and again and really listen to our bodies, we learn to hear the story they tell. That awareness can shift our thought and behavior patterns and can lead to a healthier relationship with ourselves.


© 2019 by Tamara J Allen